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    Moore, Quincy Q: "Objects and Oddities of Obscure Origins" [ART], [ARC], [HIS]


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    Moore, Quincy Q: "Objects and Oddities of Obscure Origins" [ART], [ARC], [HIS]

    Post  Liadan on Thu Nov 17, 2011 10:21 am


    Why am I compiling this encyclopedia? Because I am a businessman first and foremost, and an obsessive hobbyist second. All too often have I had a colleague come to me, their chest puffed up proud to relay me the story of their latest and greatest haggling conquest. All too often have they described the item to me, and the price for which they sold it. All too often did they severely undercut from the true value of the artifact in question. And all too often, when I inform my unwitting acquaintances of their follies, they curse and snarl and tear their hair out in aggravation.

    The most sound advice I can offer to any green trader who has made the same mistake is, "Cry more." Making money in the trading of artifacts requires patience, time, and a willingness to go out and do your research. Education is half of the game. And if the merchant is less educated than the customer on the product, then there's something very wrong.

    On the other hand, all too often have I had a colleague pay out the nose for an artifact that is of disgustingly low value and rarity, because they either don't know any better or can't determine an authentic artifact for themselves. To these people, I have to offer the same advice as above: Cry more. Then when you feel you can stop wallowing in your self pity, educate yourself. The savvy buyer will know an authentic artifact when they see it and will know its worth, so they can haggle it down to a fair price.

    Then there is the collector. To the humble collector, I extend my approval. But, too frequently is there a collector who comes into the possession of a volatile artifact, which they unknowingly trigger and unleash calamity. Since such an event results in bodily harm and not in monetary loss, one would expect me to be more sympathetic, yes? Incorrect. Dear collectors, if you want to have a casual, safe hobby, invest in coin collecting or trading cards. Artifacts are not toys and need to be treated with respect.

    On that note, Lazy seller, Savvy buyer, Curious collector...this catalogue is for you and your knowledge. The artifacts listed have all of the basic information you could want to know about them. Good luck. And I beg of you not to write your grievances to me if the information in this collection was not to your use or satisfaction.

    --Q.Q. Moore, professional blacksmith/artifact entrepreneur and enthusiast.


    The usefulness, potential hazard, and rarity of an item are graded with a 'stars' system. The grades are marked as follows:

    For Potential Usefulness:
    *: Absolute junk or decoration.
    **: Useful only in very specific instances.
    ***: Somewhat useful
    ****: Handy to have in an emergency
    *****: Very useful, multi-purpose, has a unique function

    For Potential Hazard:
    *: No more hazardous than any other benign object
    **: Rare possibility of malfunction
    ***: Known to cause some damage
    ****: Russian Roulette
    *****: Do not use. Ever.

    *: Cheap trash
    **: Common
    ***: Uncommon
    ****: Rare
    *****: One of a kind, legendary


    ‡Table of Contents‡

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    Re: Moore, Quincy Q: "Objects and Oddities of Obscure Origins" [ART], [ARC], [HIS]

    Post  Liadan on Thu Nov 17, 2011 10:22 am

    Artifact- Sternzicht
    Etymology- A combination of the German roots 'stern' and 'zicht', literally meaning 'star-sight'. Possibly also contains a corruption of 'steer' and 'serene'.
    Origin- Æsterkith (common object)
    Potential usefulness- ****
    Potential hazard- *
    Rarity- ***

    A glass ball ranging from the size of an orange to the size of a grapefruit that clearly displays the stars and constellations inside of it. The smokey black gas that shows the stars under the glass is an unknown composition, but it was said to be a derivative of æther, the stuff of the stars (According to Æsterkith belief).
    The stars move in real time with the carrier and reveal where they are relative to where the carrier is standing and which direction they are facing. As a navigational tool, a Sternzeit was invaluable because it could be used in all weather and even underground, situations where the sky would not clearly be visible. Though they were commonplace items during the time when the Æsterkith flourished, the exact composition of the 'æther' was only known to Æsterkith alchemists, and reproducing a Sternzicht has not quite been as effective without the knowledge of one.

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    Re: Moore, Quincy Q: "Objects and Oddities of Obscure Origins" [ART], [ARC], [HIS]

    Post  Liadan on Thu Nov 17, 2011 10:23 am

    Artifact- Yggdrasil's Seed
    Etymology- From 'Yggdrasil', the world-tree.
    Origin- ???
    Potential usefulness- ?????
    Potential hazard- ?????
    Rarity- *****

    Described as resembling a gold and red glass drop-shaped spinning top. Gold 'branches' twist and coil around the artifact and give shape to a red heart-shaped 'fruit' design. Rumors about the nature of the artifact, its function, and its origin vary greatly from source to source. Some say that it never stops spinning and to set it down on its side pauses time. Some claim that can restore youth and virility/fertility to its holder. Others say that it was just an art piece that turned into an urban legend.
    Research on the Yggdrasil's Seed is still needed.

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    Re: Moore, Quincy Q: "Objects and Oddities of Obscure Origins" [ART], [ARC], [HIS]

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