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    Sinister Adherents: “The Sinister Accords” - [CLT] [TRY] [HIS]

    Van de Kärne

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    Sinister Adherents: “The Sinister Accords” - [CLT] [TRY] [HIS]

    Post  Van de Kärne on Fri Nov 11, 2011 6:40 pm

    —::{[ The Sinister Accords ]}::—
    “And we shall ride to war on
    the backs of the damned and the
    heels of the soon to be lost…”

    —: § :—

    “Henceforth writ, in the native, damnable tongues of all the Fiends of Hell, the Void, Dwellers in the Chaos, on the Abysmal Plains, Beyond the Maelstrom, in the Hallowed Halls of the Spire, beneath the Palace, within the gloomy Dusk, and forever and ever until the Nothing do those herein pledge to the damnable arts, to the dark plasma, to the swirling winds of Death to forever seek treatise and accord until the Keep doth crumble.

    “Forever in allegiance, damned or otherwise, to seek neither accord nor treatise with those of the Light, of the Holy, nor the Sacred. To pledge to the destruction of all things fair, good, upright, and moral. To bathe in the blood of the innocent, and bask in the Nether-Light of the Nothing. To seek chaos, destruction, war, and the End above all things. To seek the splitting of bone alongside the clatter of steel. To seek the destruction of the Bindings of the Nexxus. To seek the purging of existence – forever and ever until the Keep doth crumble.

    “To pledge to seek in good nature, a Fraternity of the Malign, an Order of Chaos, and a Guild of the Guided. To preserve the Accords written herein upon pain of death.

    “Until darkness sweeps the land, until the rivers run dry, until every last vestige of morality and heroism drains from the world, doth these Accords bind those herein.

    “Until the icy grip of Death stretches from the Boreas to the ruins of the South Tower, doth these Accords bind those herein.

    “Until pain and suffering, agony and deceit, and torture and calamity have been brought down upon the people of the Keep, doth these Accords bind those herein.

    “Until the Slumbering Gods awaken, doth these Accords bind those herein.

    “Until Chaos becomes Order and Order becomes Chaos, doth these Accords bind those herein.

    “Until the Void crashes to the Nexxus, and a fiery holocaust the likes of which the Maker has never seen consumes all that lay before us, doth these Accords bind those herein.

    “Until twilight sweeps the world, until the Sun no longer shines, and until the stars fall from the Heavens, doth these Accords bind those herein.

    “As such, in the Pursuit of a Tyrannical Union, a Cabal has gathered. A Confederacy of the malignant. A conspiratorial concordium of deceiftful confederates. Do we seek the eventual destruction of Freedom, Liberty, Morality, Truth, Justice, and Peace, and to escape the eventual grip of Death itself do we pursue this end.

    “Herein do these signatories sign their allegiances to a sinister accord for a great devastation, a great awakening of the damned, a cataclysmic end to all things good and just, until the Keep doth crumble…”

    Signatories in Alphabetical Order

    Initiate 1°
    The Scientist
    [ /whois kittysrule ]

    Enforcer 2°
    The Drow
    [ /whois Auvic ]

    High Inquisitor General 6°
    The Marquis
    [ /whois Azuhl`baizare ]

    Initiate 1°
    The Contra Arcanum
    [ /whois Balthazar ]

    High Inquisitor General 6°
    The Ravager
    [ /whois Beckett ]

    Initiate 1°
    The Cowering God
    [ /whois Cryotek ]

    Initiate 1°
    The Dark One
    [ /whois Umbræ ]

    Enforcer 2°
    The Cambion
    [ /whois Eibon ]

    Inquisitor General 6°
    The Forgotten
    [ /whois Ethur ]

    Flamme Noire
    Inquisitor General 6°
    The Jester
    [ /whois Flamme_Noire ]

    Initiate 1°
    The Mad Hatter
    [ /whois MadHatter ]

    Enforcer 2°
    The Blighted One
    [ /whois Nelisha ]

    Instigator 3°
    The Myrddraal
    [ /whois Saulth ]

    Instigator 3°
    The Malevolent Mistress
    [ /whois She ]

    ( In an indecipherable tongue… )
    High Inquisitor General 6°
    The Chaos Lord
    [ /whois -Vivi- ]

    Instigator 3°
    The Zouhlfuyren
    [ /whois Zul-fyr ]

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