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    The Masquerade Ball of the Dusk Imperium

    Van de Kärne

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    The Masquerade Ball of the Dusk Imperium

    Post  Van de Kärne on Fri Nov 11, 2011 1:21 am

    Event Name: Masquerade Ball of the Dusk Imperium
    Event Date(s): November 12th & 13th of 2011
    Event Host(s): Lord Flamme Noire
    Event Location(s): Castle Valorfel, Imperial Capital of the Dusk Imperium

    A masquerade ball is being held on November 12th until the early, morning hours of November 13th at Castle Valorfel within the capital of the Dusk Imperium - the domain of former Sinister Adherent, Flamme Noire.

    Dress and attire are formal to semi-formal. Manner is expected to be polite.

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