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    The Library [OOC]

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    The Library [OOC]

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    The Library
    A Reason – A Disclaimer

           Though few of you will likely remember, many years ago, back when the Keep still maintained a strict “one hundred person” policy, and alternate accounts being simultaneously logged-in was heavily frowned upon, there was a collection of rooms that became notorious for the quality of roleplaying, writing, and plot that they fostered and contained. It was a time when the “MainHall” was still a strict, roleplaying room; when the “Lobby” was the default room everyone entered into unless otherwise denoted. It was a time when roleplaying, not general, “out-of-character” discussion was the norm; the status quo was still that of placing character development and devoting time and effort to one's characters, not arguing over “magical systems,” combat “styles,” or simply who was “better” than the other.

           While a simpler, more basic time, many of us viewed – and still view – that period of the Keep's life as a proverbial “Golden Age.” As some of you likely know, to some degree, that sense of camaraderie and near-limitless creative potential has even gone-so-far as to penetrate and immerse itself into the “in-character” plots of certain characters and mythos within both my own creations and the creations of my friends and modest collaborators – specifically concerning the so-called “Ieidoss Age,” a mere “in-character” analogy for this period. It is of this specific instance that is of direct concern to “The Library” (“The·Library” room) of which you are reading.

           Though, as previously mentioned, few are likely to recall the default room known simply as “Library,” many of the individuals within this group of collaborators that produced this project, remember it as a welcoming, embracing, and all-around interesting place; a room where you were just as likely to save the world as find just the correct tome your character needed. It was a place for idle conversation, just as much as it was a locale of some of the most epic, monstrous, and legendary conflicts I have ever witnessed. It was a part of that “Golden Age” of the Keep; a part of this community's life that, more than any other, I desperately try to preserve and emulate even to this date.

           As such, for the few of you that may remember, this was the beginning, the core motivation, behind this project. We wished to create a homage to that period; a way to remember it and reawaken that particular and highly-specific sense of creativity that many of us feel has been lost or forgotten by many of the Keep's inhabitants – newcomers and regulars alike. It was an attempt to rekindle the passion that many of us once felt for our creations, for our community, and for the Keep in general – a place that many of us have wasted hours upon hours in devotion to, seeking to escape reality, or merely create one of our own design.

           Thus “The Library” came to be.

           In truth, “The Library” is meant to encompass two distinct facets to the same coin. On one end, we have created “The·Library” room: a portion of the project specifically designed to be freeform and embracing, while striving to draw and envelope some of the best writers and collaborators within the community. A “sanctuary,” as it were, against some of the more unsavory characteristics of the “freeform rooms” on the Keep. Do not view this as a bashing, however, as it is from those very same rooms – default or otherwise – that some of the greatest potential can be found. Even so, “The·Library” room is meant to function as a focus; a place this potential can gravitate towards and be permitted to flourish without the unnecessary melodrama and “politicking” that large portions of the community now seem determined to hold as primary importance. It is this portion of the project that is, ultimately, meant to serve as the homage to the original “Library” room; it is not a copy, as, in reality, it has become changed and created differently. It is a familiar, yet different environment, designed and manufactured through and from the perspective of what many of my associates and close friends have deemed somewhat appropriately, the “Atheverse.”

           Secondly, as mentioned, though “The·Library” room is meant to be the primary focus of the project, a secondary objective has also been accomplished. This, correctly, is the the Library forum: an off-site compendium of texts, manuscripts, and fictional works written, largely, from an “in-character” perspective by those who have chosen to participate in the Library project. Though all are welcome to join the forum, as of the writing of this thread, most contributions have been made by members of the original project collaboration. This, we hope, will not always be the case. Much like its obverse, the forum is meant to welcome all individuals who wish to write, to create, and permit others to explore and discover their works. It is the companion to the “The·Library” room in that, the texts found written on the forum are, ultimately, meant to be found “in-character” in the room itself; it is a codex of information, created by users, and submitted (or “discovered”) to the Library.

           As such, one should understand that the Library contains a myriad of information; information, that at times, sometimes conflicts with other texts found within it. Understand that this is a part of the “freeform experience,” that no single perspective, no single interpretation of the “metaverse” is wholly correct or incorrect. There is no “right” interpretation of the worlds our characters are submerged it; yet, equally, there is no “wrong” way in which to view such a fictitious reality. Therefore, myself and my fellow collaborators ask that, when viewing the Library forums and when participating in the open and freeform room, to be willing to understand, read, and comprehend other character's interpretations – even if they may conflict with one's own.

           This is a part of the beauty of the Keep; the beauty of the Library and that period, that “Golden Age,” we wish to emulate.

           Therefore, without further pomp and circumstance, I ask you to take a peek into this world we have created; lift the veil and gaze upon what creativity and nurtured imagination can bring to your eyes. Who knows, perhaps, you may just even find yourself creating, becoming a collaborator, and joining the cadre of souls that spent countless hours in service to the Library and all of its majesty and complexity...

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