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    Forum Rules and Regulations [OOC]

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    Forum Rules and Regulations [OOC]

    Post  Van de Kärne on Thu Nov 10, 2011 10:08 pm

    General Rules, Guidelines, and Procedures

           The forum (hereafter referred to as simply “the Library”) has an assorted list of rules, regulations, guidelines, and procedures that are distinct from the “room rules and regulations” of The·Library room within the Keep itself. One should take care to become familiar with each and learn to understand that the rules of one may not necessarily apply for the other. As such, be aware that while the following rules apply to all activity on the forum, they may not apply directly to the Keep channel itself. For rules pertaining to the Library channel, please consult the “Channel Rules and Regulations” topic in the “Library Rules and Regulations” board.

    • Know the difference between In-Character (IC) and Out-of-Character (OOC) and strive to not confuse or mingle the two. In boards tagged as “[ IC/OOC ]” one should make note of which applies (or if both apply) in the title or description of the topic.

    • First and foremost, the Library (forum) is to be used as a record-keeping and coordination tool. While direct, text-based roleplaying is acceptable (as indicated in each board), it is not meant to be the primary purpose of the forum. The·Library channel on the Keep exists for this purpose.

    • The word of the Provost is law. As administrator for the Board of Proctors, the Provost expresses the collective desires and will of the Proctors – the governing body of the Library, and, as such, the forum.

    • "Plagiarism" is defined as the wrongful appropriation or close imitation of another user's thoughts, ideas, language, or expression. Any individual who has willingly and knowingly plagiarized content from another user will not receive a warning, but will receive a permanent, I.P. address ban.

    • "Meta-gaming" is defined as the use of information known Out-of-Character in an In-Character environment, setting, or circumstance. This is of particular note in regard to the "Restricted" section of "The Library" category; specifically, simply due to the fact that any individual - even "Guests" and non-members - may read the works within, unless one has applied to become a "Scholar" and join its affiliated sub-group, all information contained within the "Restricted Section" would not be available to that individual's characters. Use of the contents of the "Restricted Section" without being a member of the "Scholar" sub-group - either on the forum or within the Keep - will constitute a single warning for a single attempt; a second attempt will result in a permanent I.P. address ban.

    • Abide by the proper organization and order of maintenance of each board. This is of particular note within “The Library” and “The University” categories. Submitting books, tomes, text, artifacts, etc. must be organized and titled/named according to the specific charts detailed elsewhere. This is to maintain the aesthetic appeal and organization of the forum.

    • Simply spamming “The Library” category (outside of the appropriate board) with roleplaying session logs does not constitute a valid submission. Posting entire logs that serve no purpose than recording your own sessions is highly discouraged, and any posts that seem to constitute such will be deleted without warning or reproach.

    • ”Harassment” is to constitute the willful attempt to antagonize another user in a solicitous, harmful, or insulting manner where the concepts of “sarcasm” or “humor” do not apply. Punishment for harassment will constitute a single warning for a single offense, then a blanket I.P. address ban for a second offense. There are no exceptions to this clause.

    • Posting in threads/submissions within “The Library” or “Historical Objects and Artifacts” that are not labeled as “open for discussion” is strictly prohibited and will result in said posts being deleted without warning or reproach. The posting of “check-out applications” is the sole exception to this clause.

    • Profanity is not prohibited; however, spamming outside of “The Smoking Room” is prohibited. Any post that is submitted solely for the purpose spamming or disrupting a thread will be deleted without warning or reproach.

    • At all times, abide by the Terms of Use of the Forumotion hosting service.

    • Any attempt to ban-evade or continue to register on the forum after suffering a banishment will not result in further bans being placed... It will result in the contact of the offender's Internet Service Provider with a grievance complaint requesting a cease and desist or denial of service recommendation due to repeated harassment and damaging violations.

           Thank you, and enjoy;
           The Board of Proctors

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